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Mission & Vision

 The foundation for WiseGuys – Bowie, MD Chapter is built on a passion for the sport of motorcycling and the commitment to serve the greater good of the Washington D.C/Baltimore metro areas. We pledge to leverage our resources to aid the overall well-being of all citizens.  Our specific focus is to aid those in need and the enrichment of our youth.  However, we will lend a helping hand whenever and wherever the need arises.  

WiseGuys promote the needs of society ahead of the needs of individuals translating into a commitment to service before self that ultimately presents the sport of motorcycling and the motorcycle community at large in a positive manner.  

WiseGuys Social Club mission is to make our community better by putting back into it.  We share a common interest in empowering young women through mentorship to equip them with confidence, resiliency and the future-planning skills they need to achieve their personal goals and improve their communities.

Our Patch

Our Patch depicts an American Mafia Wiseguy.  The fedora is worn low across the brow obscuring any distinguishing facial features. This symbolizes the fact that one Wiseguy represents all Wiseguys. When we don the Patch we assume the responsibility to represent Wiseguys according to our shared values.  The hierarchy of the mafia structure is woven into our ranks.  Each designation, from Boss down to Associate, directly correlates to a specific position or membership status. We exercise our own version of Omerta or code of silence.  No Wiseguy will talk about intimate family business to a non-member. The center area directly below the outlined Wiseguys wording resembles the front fairing of a sport bike.  This area is flanked by the simulated flamed hand grips of a cruiser.  It doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride, only that you ride it the Wiseguys way!


Our Colors

Black is a serious color and it also symbolizes strength and death.  Membership in this Club is taken seriously and comes with an expectation of commitment and sacrifice.  For it is through this dedication we attain the strength to enhance ourselves, our Club and our communities.  We operate our motorcycles in a safe manner in an effort to elude the specter of death.  Typically we ride in disciplined formations.  We cannot eliminate the dangers of motorcycling, but we strive to minimize this risk through responsible riding. 

Red represents love, determination and action. Philia, known as brotherly love, is the foundation of our organization.  This brotherhood extends beyond the highways and country roads we ride.  As brothers and sisters we support one another in all endeavors.  At times we may disagree, but the foundation of love empowers determination.  We stand united and determined to forsake any personal agendas for the greater good of the organization. But, without action our existence is in vain. We pledge to embody the meaning of our colors and take action for the betterment of ourselves, our Club and our communities.

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Wiseguys Motorcycle Club

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